Tech investment due-diligence services

Cutting Though The jargon


De-risk Your Investment

MicroDiligence perform robust checks on all claims made within the investment deck & financial model, applying tried & tested principles along with operational knowhow.

Once we have completed the base due-diligence, we will provide a summary of our findings along with any outstanding questions that require additional validation.

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Base Review

The base review will flag any potential inaccuracies and falsehoods within the core investment materials. The review will include:

Full investment deck review
Full financial model review
Product review
Dashboard review
Management team background checks
Additional Services

Once we have undertaken the base review, there may be some outstanding questions that require additional validation. This may include:

Selective deep dive on base review findings
Bespoke market surveys
Database profiling & value assessment
Big-data validation checks
Management team interview / Q&A

Focused Expertise

Some Of The Things We Excel At

Market Diligence
Market size & competitive landscape analysis using tried & tested academic principles
Dashboard & Database
Operational knowledge of Amazon AWS, Stripe, Google Cloud, Adobe, phpMyAdmin & hundreds of other dashboards & services
Data Science Review
Data prediction is the backbone of saleability. Understanding F1, recall rates & confusion matrices is essential to understanding growth potential
Product Quality
Our developers have built platforms from the ground up. From this we have an expert understanding of what quality really looks like
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Dashboards and tools we use on a daily basis

Tech focused investments require more diligence not less.

MicroDiligence know where to look and the questions to ask, has access to powerful data & research tools along with the experience and mindset needed to perform focused due-diligence on technology focused companies.
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